Some things are not brought to the table

Hold out, love. Be alone. Keep doing the work. Go without. Let the space you want to be filled stay open and clear. It requires more strength but as it turns out, holding out is seriously efficient. You won’t have to untangle as much, or backtrack, or extricate yourself from all the things that you could have compromised on. Danielle La Porte

I may have asked this question before - what are your non negotiable's? Do you even have any?

I first heard this term from motivational speaker Lisa Nichols, she talked about what her non negotiable list included. Areas where  some matters are  just not up for discussion or the ability for another option to be put on the table is zero. She mentioned about giving yourself notice about it and once you do the world is then put on alert.

Are there things you know you must become non negotiable about?
Your dreams?
Your vision?
Your goals?
Your best life?

According to Lisa Nichols “when things are not up for negotiation it means that there is no maybe!” 
So I’ve become non negotiable about a few things. No matter what, there’s no maybe, there’s no passive acceptance .
What are you willing to become non negotiable about? It’s non negotiable I’m loving myself no matter what! 


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