Be Kind

It’s never fun accepting that someone doesn’t like you, but a lot of times that discomfort comes from trying to figure out what you did wrong or how you can fix it. Authentic people don’t have that anxiety because they would never try to change themselves to influence someone else’s opinion. They accept that other people have a right to be authentic about their own feelings, even if those feelings are negative toward them. Dr Travis Bradberry

Over the past few weeks I have been struggling with a situation where someone shows me openly that they are not one of my biggest fans. I was confused, I wanted to know why didn't this person like me? Why was this person's behavior so antagonizing towards me when I am just being myself, I started shrinking, I found myself doing things that was out of character, and then I got a wake up call. Wait, wait just a hot minute, just be! Just be you, just be kind, you have nothing to prove to anyone! It took me a while!

People act from the consciousness of where they are at the moment, people do what they know until the choose to change and until they know better, it is not our responsibility to make anyone like us. It is our responsibility to be our best selves, to be kind, to be authentic, to be a demonstration of what is a person made in God's image and likeness. This was my lesson from the situation so I am thankful for it, I give thanks for the mirror but this I know for sure I have nothing to prove, gain or show but just to be who I really am
Show up... as me... every.single.time


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