Show up True

“If you’re not being you, there is no you . . . there’s an imposter pretending to be you. That imposter is a painful existence, and it’s that painful existence that’s subsidized by all of this world’s frantic chase to purchase pleasure. This is what humanity is constantly slaving for. But when you let that inner master to be masterful, you’re a witness to the most outstanding performance ever" Gurusingh Yogi

Someone told me yesterday that I was being inauthentic in my approach. Well I must admit I was shocked,  truly shocked and horrified! 
Me? I have been called Miss authentic? You have got to be kidding me?
After I calmed down I thought about what she said for a bit
"You are being inauthentic in your approach" - I really was not showing up in the situation wholly, holy and true. She was right. I was afraid to say my truth. Why? I did not want to offend anyone and people pleasing peeped it's head out of the window and said, be nice, you are a nice person and hey now I know being a nice person involves being true. 
You are being inauthentic in your approach- not you are inauthentic. our approach to this particular situation is. What a huge difference
It was a reminder to remain grounded, that no matter what or who shows up, you show up as well, true. 
Lessons come from anyone and anywhere

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