The Universe is a big copy machine reproducing your thoughts in physical form that is your experience.       Neale Donald Walsh

At the beginning of every year I choose five words, these words represent how I want to feel for the year, I reckon that it is  from how I want to feel comes the things that I do and the actions that I take
My words for 2017 are Love, Joy, Abundance, Service, Connection and Relevance

I leave it open as to how the things that show up in my life look but what I notice is  when making a decision I ask myself, will I feel any of those feelings? Anything else that I feel is welcomed and a bonus or sometimes a lesson
 Connection - it happened so beautifully - already 18 days into the year
I have been blessed with a group of women who have offered themselves to assist me in achieving  one of my dreams. I was in fear mainly about how it would unfold, if it would unfold and in a way that was authentic, and relevant
They came forward without me even asking, and put me on blast that I must walk my talk
that fear is not real, that my thoughts create my reality - even if it is subconscious plus..... they are all willing to assist me in making it happen

My point is- what are your intentions? do you have any? what are you creating through your thoughts? Because thoughts create reality.
What do you want to feel? And are you open to it happening in a way that you may not even have a bit of control over?

A Course in Miracles says there is no neutral thoughts, all of our thoughts create form in some way, which is why it is so important that we focus on what we think, this can happen through intentions, focused thought, meditation and paying attention

The body is the effect- the cause is the mind


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