What Do You Do When The Doubt Creeps In?

You don't plant a garden and just let the elements tend to it. You fertilize it and do everything you can to prevent weeds from choking it.

You can’t just hand your desires over to Life or your God and say, “You got this, right?” and then expect that Life or He/She will also dissolve your doubts while answering your prayers. Yes, release your desires into the care of Universal Intelligence. Yes, yes! But you have to be responsible for your own doubts—because they originated from you. Cleaning up your doubt is part of your Co-Creator's job description. Danielle La Porte

The doubt creeps in, you hear the voice, it becomes louder when you ignore it, when you fuel it by speaking to the dream killers and the energy vampires, when you don't do the work, when you leave the Universe out of the decision. Then you pause, sometimes regret that you let the doubt fool you.

What do you do when the doubt creeps in?
Do you pause?
Do you pray?
Do you move?
Do you stay?

What do you do when the doubt creeps in?
Do you have faith?
Do you believe?
Do you love?
Do you speak?

What do you do when the doubt creeps in?
Do you scream?
Do you cry?
Do you show up?
Do you shrink?

How big is the dream?
How clear is the vision?
There will be some doubt creeping in
But what do you do?



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