Are you willing to be spiritually mature?

When we are fully present to our experience of the moment free from the mind’s evaluation of good or bad, without imposing our ego into the way we think things ought to be, it is easier to let go, to laugh at the false illusion of control.  Then we find that in our prayer work what we are affirming for ourselves is an awakened state of consciousness that looks directly at reality, which includes all needs met.  Praying for that which is merely material and therefore temporary—name, fame, credentials, status—becomes the stuff of spiritual childhood. ACIM

Have you ever been so immersed in something that you love to do that time makes no difference? Have you ever been involved in an activity that it matters not what time it starts, what time it ends and how it turns out because you just feel such a strong sense of love and peace? I think that is the thing which determines what your calling, your purpose, your desire is. It is a complete being in the moment, a total surrender, a peace that passes all understanding
We all have it
No exceptions
The trick is, we want it to be "socially acceptable"
We want external validation
We want to make money from it
We want it to be easy all the time

Newsflash- it may never be and you will continue to chase after something that is not your purpose, your peace, your joy
That's your choice
Who is courageous enough to do that thing?
There are demonstrations of this courage all around us, we sometimes call them crazy when they are "suffering" in the early stages, but when they are not we laud them! sometimes we actually get jealous
but were you willing to put in the work, hear the talk, go it alone, make night into day?
were you willing to give it all up to gain it all?
were you willing to have faith and trust in the process?
What's it going to be?


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