You cannot fail

You cannot fail. You can resist, procrastinate, delay, deny, worry, avoid, but you cannot fail, do you hear me? When you step out to do the thing you have come here to do and you are on purpose and following your passion, you cannot fail. You can create drama, you can bring along people who you know are not supposed to be on the bus with you, you can sabotage yourself, you can doubt yourself, you can undermine yourself, you can be disobedient, but you cannot fail. When you step out to do what to do what you are supposed to do you cannot fail. When you pursue your desire, your dream, your passion, when you do the thing that makes you tremble with joy and excitement, when you undertake it with a pure intention of bringing yourself joy you cannot fail! You cannot fail!  - Iyanla

Happy 2017 to all of you! 

For as long as I can remember on the 1st day of the year wherever I am I sit down with my favourite breakfast and look ahead at to what is to come, I write down my desires, wishes and goals for the year and how I intend to achieve it
I must admit the contents of these lists have changed dramatically over time, before I was obsessed with things and looking good to the world, because of my own insecurities about failing and being a failure now I focus on how I want to feel, what dreams I want to accomplish and how I can serve
Takes the pressure off me I can tell you that!

For the first year I did not do my ritual on the 1st because my grandma asked me to come to her house to spend the day, the decision was a no brainer, I changed the day, I woke up early went to run with a friend of mine, watched my beloved Arsenal play then hit the road to be with the family. Another change of mind set, before no way, the ritual had to be completed and there was no flexibility around it. Thank God for time and perspective! I am happily doing my breakfast and dreaming session this morning with a big ole's smile on my face
Rooted, yet flexible!

Sometimes it really is good to let go and go with the flow
I'm off to my breakfast,holla at ya on the flipside


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