There is no healing without responsibility

switching stances. Changing one's mind based on lack of self belief. No knowing better but doing it anyway...because you have to...because you feel vulnerable...because you were told more blame. There is no healing without responsibility. There is no power without responsibility. There is no growth without responsibility. There is no graduation without responsibility.  The Floacist

We have been given free will, to make the choices that we believe are best for us in the moment. Free will allows us to change our minds, to choose. I think it is a super power, the ability to make another choice especially when there is better information. 
I had to remind myself of that yesterday. I can choose something else at anytime, sometimes it may just be as simple enough as choosing another thought. Then from the thought the effect comes out in my world. 
One of the best lessons to me is "all things are mind". I interpreted that to mean that it starts with my thought, then come the words and the action
So if I change my mind from lack to abundance then from that change of mind comes the effect in my world, I see things differently, a butterfly on a flower may now be considered something wonderful, a sign, beautiful or you may never even see it as any of that- based only on your thoughts and  your choice of thought.
You make the choice to do things out of love or fear or ego
You make the choice to take the information you have and do nothing with it
You make the choice to worry
You make the choice to love
You make the choice to take a risk

and each choice has consequences
this is where responsibility comes in
You make the choice, then the consequence comes- your responsibility!
What will you choose


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