On the Nile!

The Universe is a miracle machine - (Marianne Williamson, author)
Today I am stepping out of the comfort zone! ok ok no I was pushed out of the comfort zone! I am heading in about twenty minutes for a day out white water rafting on the Source of the Nile!
Let me tell you, a couple of years ago I would not DARE step foot on a boat, much less a raft! OMG!
Anyways, as The Universe would have it, we have a lot of visitors to the project and we have to entertain them, this particular guy said he wants to do the white water rafting and I was "chosen" as I "seem to be the most fit person there" so there it is pushed out of the zone!

Wish me luck!!!

Check you on the other side
So what did I learn today
The circumstances will come to show you that fear is not real! Embrace it and get excited!


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