Comparison is a joy stealer

Comparison is crazy-making. It stamps on potential and truth and all the good things you might already have going for you if you weren’t so busy shadow-boxing with the people who you think have it better.  Danielle La Porte

My grandma always told me that I must compete with no one but who I see in the mirror and compare myself to that person as well.
Truth be told I do not have a competitive bone in my body, put me in a race to prove it and please don't bet on me! I developed the whole compare vibe at University, I wanted to be like the students who had cars, who were popular who were hanging out with the who's who! I quickly learnt that it wasn't my game to play. Comparison left me feeling always wanting! And so it seems like over the last few weeks I started reliving my University experience by comparing myself and guess what the "always wanting" feeling came screaming to me! 

Comparison is a big waste of time and energy, you can only be you so do you to the best 
 Comparison is a slippery slope to envy and for the most part, envy wastes energy that could be put towards getting what you want or optimizing what you have. It’s a trap. I used to envygirls who went to the prestige schools and my friends with rich parents. “Poor me…no leg-up, born into an average family, gotta be self-made…” Yack. Whatta waste of mind space – space that could be filled with creativity and ingenuity.
Do you and do it well


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