Celebration Time

Whatever win you had today, whether it's getting the laundry done, or writing that one blog post, or actually meditating, or remembering your friends birthday, or achieving a BIG goal...celebrate it. Acknowledge what you've done. Take inventory of what you do. I know there will always be more on the table. There will be a list longer than the Mississippi waiting for your attention. But with each thing you've accomplished, big and small, c e l e b r a t e... yourself. Maxi McCoy

I'm celebrating today! Yes I am, a party with me myself and I! why? I am  usually always on to the next thing, never stopping to say job well done, or take in the hurdles that I have crossed. It's about what's next, what to do, what do I still have to do, what is missing? I'm celebrating every little step I have made today, I just dropped my Journal and I'm off again figuring out how to "get" to the next milestone! No, not today,  Today its a celebration, I am celebrating just being here, alive and kicking ass!
Give thanks

Come join me


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