Back at home!

Life doesn't play tricks on you, your mind does Iyanla

I'm back in Port of Spain and I'm moving house so today was as we say in Trinidad, pace! In between that I had 2 gigs to speak at! The first one was my toughest I think ever! 15 to 17 year old teenagers who have some real life stories that sadly still exist! In the middle of the talk a fight broke out and they all got up to rush to cheer on the fighters! A serious fight, police and all! After the fight they all sat like nothing happened and tested me! I tapped into everything that I know and God to spend the next hour with them in a way that could make them feel seen ,heard and loved! I am grateful for this opportunity and plan to go back (truth be told only because they asked me too!!) I have a responsibility and work to do! I'm ready!!

After the event, I missed my second gig!


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