I've turned pro!

"Turning pro changes how people perceive us. Those who are still fleeing from their own fears will not try to sabotage us. They will tell us we’ve changed and try to undermine our efforts at further change. They will attempt to make us feel guilty for these changes. They will try to entice us to get stoned with them or fuck off with them or waste time with them, as we’ve done in the past, and when we refuse, they will turn against us and talk us down behind our backs."

- Steven Pressfield

Everything is transient! One of my favourite teachers tell me, do not get bogged down by time and what you should be doing by when, nothing in life is linear! That's your own perceptions! She says it all the time! So things are changing every day and we get fearful because they are, we get comfortable with one thing and the fear of the unknown pushes us to believe that if it changes it will be doomsday or we may not be able to handle it! The sun sets and the moon comes up, the rain falls and the sun shines, nature always provides us with a preview of life! So people come into our lives for a time, it may five minutes, five years, fifty years! But they leave! Some leave because they transition from human life and some leave by choice! What happens is when the purpose and lesson of something and someone is over, it is time to move on! and that isn't easy for most of us! We want to hold on! But the Universe holds up a mirror, it gives you signs. You are struggling to be happy, you are getting ill, you are having rotten luck, but you hold on and hold on and hold on! It's time has come! And just like everything in life this too shall pass! It could be a job, a relationship, a situation, we hold on! 
I've been there! Holding on to relationships, jobs and people whose time has come! But the Universe is so loving, it kept giving me signs to make the change! to trust and know that on the other side of the change is magic! Is freedom! 
I've turned pro according to Steven Pressfield and that means some changes have come like a thief in the night! And guess what? I'm ready!

Get ready for your turning pro - turn pro in your life, make some changes and have faith that the magic is to come!


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