Day 2 - Mercer Creek

Look at what you are afraid of. Only the anticipation will frighten you ACIM

I woke up really early this morning and ran to the beach! Now, I  was born in the Caribbean, however white sands and blue waters and me alone on it was never part of my history, the island that I grew up on was more on the commercial side as we have oil and gas! So, to run and hit this beach was a new experience! Totally awesome! I was overflowing with gratitude and joy. After that, we drove for about an hour to the GARD center where young aspiring entrepreneurs come for training, mentor-ship, advice or just to hang out and talk! It's quite impressive! Saves a whole lot of lives and improves a whole lot of communities
Roberta the founder has been doing it for 25 years and I'm really proud of her achievements, something for us to aspire to, not perfect but perfection is not a requirement for this, willingness is!


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