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. Learn to center yourself in your true being - Deepak Chopra (he's a boss!!)

Andrea, the radio host, called me this week to chat! She wanted to chat with me before we went on air today! What a wonderful conversation! We chatted like ole buddies! I told her if this is what your show will be like I am stoked!! excited as ever! She said " You promote authenticity, so that's how I came to you" What an absolutely wonderful thing to say!

Show up as yourself, every single time! The fakeness nope, no no no, it is too much work let me tell you I have been down that road! People see through you anyways! there is nothing that you can hide, nothing!
And when you encounter people who know! they just know!
Now, I can smell in-authenticity a mile away, I just smile and pray for them to realise how awesome it is to just be you!
Just be you boo!


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