It will be worth it!

Reality is never frightening. It is impossible that it could upset me. Reality brings only perfect peace. When I am upset, it is always because I have replaced reality with illusions I made up.ACIM

The key to living the truth of who you are (read: no fear, except the fear that keeps you out the way of moving trucks etc) is to unlearn what you have been taught in fear.  

Hold on, it's going to get rough for a bit...

And yes, it can take time (usually always) to unlearn.

And yes, it's may not be easy (usually not) to unlearn.

And yes, you will want to go back to what you know.

And yes, some people will have something to say about it - in protest or joining.

And yes, you will have a battle in your mind for a while as you reshuffle.

And yes, you will jump back and forth between fear (insane) and love (sane) for a time, because fear doesn't leave the building easily when asked.

And yes, you will need to discipline yourself.

And yes, you will need do the very things you fear the most (give up guilt, shame, fear itself, doubt, sabotage).

And yes, you will need to do work on you, as in change your thinking.

And yes, you will need to challenge all those beliefs and values you think are you (but they aren't, if they change, so can you).

And yes, you will need to have hard conversations - with yourself and others.

And yes, you will need to whip your ass into paying attention and staying awake (until you're up for good).

And yes, you will get upset when you don't know what the hell you believe anymore.

And yes, you will hate the process for a time.

And yes, you will have to admit exactly what life it is you want to live - no shame, no guilt, no apologies.

And yes, you will have to take massive action and believe in something bigger and greater than you.

And yes, you will have to cut out the BS, excuses and what if's.

And yes, you will need bravery and courage to find your inner bravery and courage! 
So what’s it to be peeps?
I really mean, stop being the person that goes so far with their ideas and plans, sees a hurdle and then quits



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