Perhaps I will look at it differently

Perhaps today I can find one thing that seems dark and remember to say, "Where I see darkness, I choose to see the light." Perhaps I can remember to look for love instead of condemnation and judgment. Perhaps I can look on something that seems like a curse and learn to count it as a blessing. Let me begin in small increments, and in lessons close to home. ACIM

We are off to the craft market to conduct an all all day exercise today. We are supposed to chat with the entrepreneurs there and find out what works well and what is not working too well! Then turn it into a report!Looking forward to it, meeting new friends and being outside! After that, its time for some sightseeing!

Yesterday was quite inspirational, worked with some juvenile offenders and school"dropouts" who are now running their own business! What I will always remember is the light in their eyes when they spoke about their business. The passion, the love! One young lady spoke about how "society" rejected her and when she is in her garden planting everything makes sense, her hands connect with the dirt and it all falls away and when its harvest time she can see her labour of love manifest itself into something useful , "what more can I ask for?" she says! her laughter, and her joy was medicine! And she was outside jut chilling! Didn't even come inside to introduce herself I stood there chatting with them and boom! Gotta love the Universe! Always right on time

No morning beach today, too much rain!!

Give thanks!


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