Make something happen!

Until today, you may have been paralysed by when, if, only,or because. Just for today, remember that now is the time! Make something happen in your life and for your life Iyanla


Attachment is a way of saying “ I don’t have faith in anything else! I can handle this!” You want to control your experiences and responses. You see, rather than fight with you for control, life will send you into the pit of stagnation. This can be extremely painful. Attachment reflects a lack of faith in your ability to learn, Learning takes place in three ways. You learn by choice. You learn by force. You learn by being forced to make a choice. When you are attached to what you know, what you can control, chances are you will be forced to make a choice. You can stay attached and be stagnated in pain and confusion or you can let go in faith and your next experience will be exactly what you need, but did not know you needed.

Catch this? Open your heart to the possibility that there is something great waiting for you! Let go of anything and/or anyone you are attached to, in faith that you will be pleasantly surprised Peace!



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