Going deep

I've been having a really scattered week, overthinking as my friend tells me! I wanted to come to Trinidad to work, to promote the book, to work with rural communities, to do meaningful service to Trinidad and the world, to write to speak, to serve. And I didn't have a clue where to start but as the Universe is such a miracle machine I have been blessed to meet some amazing awesome people who have been very supportive and now I've been slipping into frustration mode, why is it moving so slow, how will I support myself financially when things slowdown , how can I increase my income and service. It's been, yeah, that type of week and then I let go. I said, "self, let go, just chill and sit still for a moment and regroup" So as the self was chillin, self heard a whisper to go and read and I kid you not, I opened my laptop and here it was! I wanted to share this for anyone who can identify with this feeling, it really helped me
Thank you Mastin

Going deep is scary. But, it’s where passion and fulfillment reside.

Here’s how to find and begin one passion:

1. Look at your life. What lights you up? What has lit you up in the past?

2. Based on that, what hopes, dreams, aspirations do you have about this thing that lights you up?
3. What would the scariest decision be to continue to do what lights you up?
4. Create a three-month plan about how you are going to make this decision. Work backwards
with all the things you must do to get there in three months.
5. Find five people who are already successful at your passion. Study them. Look at how they are doing things. Success leaves clues, so find the clues of their success, model them in your unique way.
6. Remember that you don’t need clarity – you need courage. You get clarity by taking action. Courage is your #1 asset. With courage – all other things are possible.
7. Show up every day working your plan. You do not have to earn your worth as a human being. But you do have to earn living a passionate life.
8. Surround yourself with a team or group of people who believe in you.
9. Don’t talk to haters or naysayers about it. Just let them watch.
10. Face a fear each day and watch Grace unfold in your life.


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