GARD Centre in Antigua

Today I will let someone give to me. Whether it’s a compliment, an offer to help, or even a gift, I will stand there and take it joyfully. I know that I’m deserving of good things, so I will simply say, “Thank you.” Louise Hay

Finally got online! I am in Mercers Creek in Antigua, the Internet access here is patchy so giving thanks for getting online now! I'm at the GARD Center, a wonderful place that focuses on mentoring and developing youth entrepreneurs! Today I have been meeting them, chatting, seeing what they do, learning and sharing!

So this starts my week, back here tomorrow with the women and youth entrepreneurs!
Giving thanks for the opportunity!

Oh I digress a bit, I woke up to run and the pipes in my room burst and there was literally a waterfall in my room, I was soaked! I ran out the room, the owner of the place was there she ran in screamed and ran out! I was rushing around trying to save all clothes and laptop for the waterfall! After the lady calmed down she apologized and moved me to the best room on the grounds! And  said to me, wow you didn't cuss us out!
Did you bust the pipe? I asked
She laughed!
So I'm in the "honeymoon suite" this week



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