Sharing some info on an amazing new piece of work...

My friend Maxine is launching her second book via a Webinar on Friday! Congratulations to her! Please join her in this amazing event! Highly recommended for leaders, managers and thinkers! (Details are below)
Nice one Max!

"The Safe Space is the place to explore organizational issues, challenge the status quo, ask questions and create solutions. This is the place for effective planning, fine-turning details and decision-making. It is a place to prepare for the big meeting, presentation, job interview or whatever your next big moment is.” (Excerpt from “Lead Your Team to Win,” the excellent new book from @AttongMaxine.) Are you tired of hearing – or saying – “because we’ve always done it that way” whenever a new idea is proposed? Does rocking the boat make you quake in your boots, or do you welcome new ideas like a drowning man welcomes a life preserver? In a Safe Space, there is no status quo, only the present – evolving, changing and growing into whatever the team desires. Register now for this October 3 webinar to learn more about Maxine’s book and how to create a #SafeSpace for your team.


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