The treasure never does the hunting!

The ego tries to convince you that what you have seen is something you lack instead of something you already have. "In You is everything I hope to find already given me" (1:6). You are what you have been looking for. ACIM

Just when I think I have to search for something, have a situation under control or feel I am missing something so I set out a plan to strive for it an event comes along to put me back on track! I love The Course in Miracles, it is one of my favourite pieces of work, it says I am already what I have been looking for! So to me that says,. hey you, stop searching for the proverbial it! You're it! Tap into it! Tap into you! And I just exhale!

The treasure never does the hunting. Do you know you are the treasure? Yes you are! And don't you forget it!

There is nothing lacking in you! It really is just that simple! Believe that! 



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