Open mind... Willing Spirit

Your story can't begin until you begin's in your hands and it has been for quite some time.... Elizabeth Gilbert, author

I went to a Buddhist meeting yesterday, first time I have ever been! I didn't even know that there was a following in Port of Spain, by now I know things always happen when they are supposed to!
A few years ago I went to India and a lady told me about the principles and how it helped her in her life's journey and at that time I was really interested because I thought the principles were really universal and incorporated people living a better conscious life, here I am now minding my own business having lunch alone one day last month who should walk into the place but the lady I met in India! We sat chatting and catching up and she invited me to the meeting this Sunday! I am so happy that I went, to share in their expression of love and making the world a better place, it really reminded me that there is really only one of us here and if we all live by that people will be treated with more respect, dignity and compassion! So I want to thank her for the invitation and I want to say I am proud of me for keeping an open mind by attending! You just never know where and when the lessons appear!

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