I press on

We choose to grow by letting go of what’s no longer working. Sometimes this requires some mourning. Go there with your full heart and soul. Danielle La Porte

My grandma was a grandma at my age, she was a young hip lady who told her grandchildren at least the three she had at the time to call her "mummy" in public! She has always been the one running the show. She's considerably older now well into her 80's and we have always wondered how she was so strong, she plants her own food, still drives and is involved in community groups. She's ill now and its been tough for me to accept, I have been pulling out all the lessons learnt this week, so much so I sometimes cannot even go and visit her or talk on the phone!
I sat down with her this week and she asked me "How you really doing Yak?" I just looked at her, you are ill and you asking me! She said, have some principles in your life and stand on them and when you do everyone will benefit whether they agree with you or not! Use your spirituality to guide you and don't buy into and listen to any foolishness about you are full of sin and have to be guilty
I was like, why are you talking so? Talk normal, let's talk politics! We always have hours of talk about politics and that's what we spent the rest of the time doing but I know I have to make some changes and find acceptance of her being slower and less feisty than before! I press on and ask for the guidance!


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