And real is all good....

There is a crack, a crack in everything / That’s how the light gets in.” –Leonard Cohen

Show up as yourself, every.single.time! I learn't that on my travels and apparently this week is the week of reminders of some of these lessons!

Judging other people is an absolute waste of time, yea, I said it! It is the ego on show. We judge most times because we feel we are better or superior, or we are convinced that "they should know better", "they need a talking to", "how could they?" and the list goes on. 

And many times it makes us feel better about ourselves because we, are better. of course! We would not dare do what they are doing, or be so stupid or reckless or mad, right?  

As soon as something triggers us, we start a response, either we  are inclined to give advice usually  hoping to be helpful, though the shadow of that is sometimes that we are distancing themselves by trying to remain “above” the problem.
We may distance ourselves as we  are scared that simply by being around someone else who is walking through a life challenge, we, too, will “catch” that challenge, like a virus.
Others are disappointed; perhaps secretly hoping that someone else had it all figured out. No more pedestal.
And, sadly, there are others who will feel a delighted glee at someone else’s admission of struggle.
The response of others when you show them the places where it isn’t all perfect will tell you a lot about who they are and what they fear.
Your response of judging others when they show up as themselves will also show the same.

So, showing up, cracks and all, takes courage, and that is worth something!
To me, its real!
And real is all good!



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