Live Good

Get a mission statement for your Life. Know where you want to go. Know why you want to go there. Then create the plan to get there. My mission: Live good and spread Love. What's the mission statement for your Life? Robin Riley David

Create your own life - trust me you have that power

Create your own life - so what does that really mean?  It means to  have a vision of the life you want to live and take the steps necessary for making it happen. Added to that is the person you will inevitably become along the journey. As, for sure, sometimes there will be people and even family who are not on board with the person which you are becoming

Create your own life - it means having faith and believing in yourself- and I mean unwavering faith- this is a challenge for me sometimes when I don't see how things are turning out in a way I envisioned. 99%  of the time it turns out even better than you would ever even imagine

Create your own life - learn to say no to the things that diminish and devalue and dishonor you - don't feel bad when you say no either!

Create your own life - stop making excuses, take responsibility for your actions and stop blaming!

Create your own life - Have fun, rest, play, love



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