Own it, Own Up. Own Your Stuff

Your actions reflect what you want for yourself and how much you love and value yourself. Your actions reflect how you see yourself, what you feel you deserve. Tyrese G

Own your stuff!
Own it! – Own the fact that you are at this stage of your life where if you haven’t made any decisions and choices you must now do so- because making no decision is also a decision and you will end up living someone else’s life or living by default.

Own up if you don’t have a vision for yourself and your life, a vision is something larger and bigger than what you can see now, it involves imagination and dreaming. How do you want your life to look? What type of life do you want? having a vision makes you focused
It makes you determined
It makes you persistent
Because challenges and hearing no is par for the course, it will not stop you for achieving the vision.
If you have no vision, you will just be going along following blowing with the breeze and get frustrated.

Own the fact that you were born with the ability to create and it is your responsibility to tap into that power you were  given to create the life you want and you deserve.

Own up to the realization that you alone are responsible for your life, no one else, as much as you would like to think it is someone else’s fault you are where you are you now know that you have the ability to make a choice to change that and be courageous enough to make that choice.
You cannot outsource this responsibility
You cannot give it away and expect to live a full life, your best life
If you don’t believe in yourself then who’s going to?
If you don’t dream for yourself then who’s going to?

Own up
Own up to the fact that you may be scared and afraid to move and because of that you did nothing.

Own it, that you have the power to change that, that you can be scared but still make a move towards the vision towards the dream, to make a change in your life for the better.
This is the time, this is the opportunity to get a vision for yourself and your life
To make a plan to achieve the vision
To have unwavering faith. to don’t let any doubt fool you
Own it, Own up!
To admit that even though you are scared that your knees are knocking that you will feel the fear and do it anyway
Own it – Own  your gifts and talents, do not ever dismiss them, they were given to you for a reason
Embrace them. embrace the gifts you possess so that you can use them in achieving the vision and your goals and dreams that you have set for yourself. Honor yourself by honouring these gifts/ honor your mind choose what you feed it, choose who you spend time with
Honor your body – what are you putting into it eventually what’s inside of you will show up on the outside.

Own up – that you have sometimes lost focus and by doing this started comparing yourself to others, Comparison and comparing yourself, takes time away for you focusing on your own goals and vision!
What others think of you is none of your business.
Own up. Own it


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