Create what you can't find

Create what you cannot find. If you really can’t find anything out there that speaks to the issue of your concern or that is doing what you want to see get done, create it. Stop waiting for some other group to form or some other person to stand up. Form a group or organization of your own. Call a meeting. Hold a rally. Raise your flag and see if anyone salutes. Neale Donald Walsh

I have never been a big talker, now I have started doing it for a living- go figure! I prefer to act, I prefer to do something first and then talk about it after. The downside to not talking however is the limited expression of my feelings to the people around me, but I must say I have been getting much better at it.

Having said that, I am not one of the view to talk a situation to death, moan and complain about it forever thine kingdom come! Complaining is so easy, as  Bob Marley says " you're saying prayers to the devil" it gives us a feeling as if we are doing something, news flash, you are just talking about it! If something is getting that much on your nerves what are you doing about it apart from moaning or sitting down writing posts on Facebook and Twitter?

Excuses are liars and fears are thieves and constant complaining is giving up responsibility for changing the situation.

Do something, anything, start where you are with what you have and learn as you go.
It can be something as simple as litter in your area, if that is your peeve, you stop littering. Hey that's a start! Rather than bemoan how many plastic bottles are in the drain while you pelt yours out of the car window.

Neale Donald Walsh says that  we are all leaders. "It is just a question of what form our leadership takes."
Is the person who sits in the back of the room quietly stuffing envelopes and getting out mailings and handing out flyers and working the telephones and the social media and contributing hours of time and energy any less of a leader than the person in the front of the room waving his arms and issuing a call to action? No. So we are all leaders, and some of us do different things and excel in different areas than others.
BUT….we must at least be willing to stand up and be counted when the tally is taken. We must at least be willing to make ourselves known so that those who are in the front of the room can have a sense of how much support there is in the space for what is being proposed. And we must at least be willing to speak our mind if speaking our mind is what breaks the ice and gets the energy moving around a particular idea.
We must be willing to be uncomfortable, for at least a little while, if we want to help create a life that is comfortable for all of us for a long while.
Are you willing to do that? Or is complaining and moaning easier?


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