Life requires release

Life requires release. You are not here to collect people and things. You are here to experience and remember.  Stacy Herera

Do you remember the t-shirt you bought on your last holiday? Or maybe it was a key ring, some sort of memorabilia? What do you remember most about the holiday? What you bought and collected or how you felt? 
We get caught up in collecting things on the journey, and many times it is unconscious, other times it is to show other people where we have been or to feel good about ourselves. The memories and feelings you get are priceless, and shape how we show up in our lives as we move along how we treat our fellow brothers and sisters.
Same with people we meet, we meet someone on the journey and sometimes we want to ensure that they remain a part of our lives forever, we want a piece of them. Sometimes they are passing through on your journey as well, and forcing it is an absolute waste of time, effort and good sense! It's like the sun rising, you cannot collect it and keep it for your own pleasure! Trust me, I have learnt this the hard way so I am talking from experience - no not trying to catch the sun, the people part!
So, enjoy the moment, feel it, feel it, that thing you don't want to feel, feel it and be free, set yourself free.
Each moment adds up to a lifetime and before you know it, you are filled with good memories and great experiences rather than fighting to either clean the house with all the clutter you accumulated or wishing hoping and pining for some of the people you met along the way who have served their good purpose in your life. In the case of the people, if they are meant to be a part of your life it will happen, without you having to force it, pretend, and feel bad!

We each have our own journey. Our paths may cross for a moment. However, they might not be destined to be traveled together for a lifetime. Let people follow their own path. Release them with grace. Send them on their way with a grateful heart. You were together to teach and to learn. Thank them, bless them and let them go with Love.



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