Trusting the Light

To trust the light you need to be honest with yourself and with others, and you need to let others be honest with you. That’s what the spiritual path is really about—it’s the interior devotion to self-knowledge. " You commit to becoming fully honest; to doing what's right for the people you live with and for your community; and to doing what's right for your body. So when your body says, “Don’t eat this,” you stop. If you tell your body you're going take it out for a walk, you do it. Because if you can't be honest with your body, you’re not going to be honest with anybody else. Caroline Myss

A woman at the mall yesterday asked me if I was religious and believed in God! I took a few seconds to respond because it is not the first time I have been asked that question! So after we got to talking and I mentioned to her how I feel about the entire thing, I remembered that someone even told me earlier this month that they realized that I have now chosen the Spiritual Path so it seems that I am confusing the living daylights out of people, they cannot figure out what I am doing, which makes me chuckle really. 

Caroline Myss's work to me is seminal, I absolutely love how she breaks down the journey and one of my favorite descriptions of the spiritual path is " it's the interior devotion to self-knowledge" and trust me when you are devoted to self-knowledge you have no time nor desire to run after, fret or worry about arbitrary matters that do not relate to you and being your absolute happy highest self, whatever they are, this journey requires constant learning and unlearning, it requires reflection, honesty, authenticity, discipline and release of ego, it confuses people ( as you can tell) and you have to be OK with that.

For me, one of the most disappointing things is not honoring myself, and letting myself down. As a function of the constant journey within, people do not have the power anymore to offend nor disappoint me as much as before as you are focused on creating the life that you desire. It is a fascinating journey some times one has to go alone!
So, here it is people, I admit, the journey to unconditional self love is an interior one, and that is all!



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