The universe has a way better imagination than you do.

The universe has a way better imagination than you do.
My life has no resemblance to what I thought it was going to be — and I’m impressed with where failure, and courage, and the mystery have brought me. More colourful. More expanded. Way deeper. Way better than I imagined
. Danielle La Porte

Carolyn Myss, one of my favourite teachers broke it down for me in a way that keeps me so grounded,she said, not because you believe you are a "good" person that will make you exempt from the challenges of life, things happen, deal with it, that is just life! You are not so unique, it happens to everyone and please don't feel that the stuff/challenges are only happening to you regardless of what you see out there! Deal with it, learn from it and keep stepping! The worst question you can ask is "why me?" 

What happens when we run and hide is that we hide deeper and deeper instead of going into the light. When we hide from the truth and we run to the other side what happens is that we start running away from ourselves, That leads to certain choices which have consequences, what is supposed to be beautiful becomes ugly because of these choices. 

You take you where ever you go!
Show up, as yourself, face it, it is life, and we are all here in it!


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