Day 7 - Book Tour Updates

I  talk to myself constantly. I am ALWAYS in intentional inner conversation with myself. I tell myself how capable, amazing, valuable and needed I am. If I pass a mirror I say "hey gorgeous" if I need motivation, I go to a mirror and give myself a pep talk. If I am mad, I discuss my feelings with myself. The parts of my body I don't like, I tell it "I love you and I'm going to make you better." If I don't get something, I ask the Holy Spirit to teach me. I make sure that I'm rehearsing in my mind what I want to see play out in my day.and I'm always SPEAKING OUT what I desire to see happen. Shanell Cooper Sykes
Today is the annual Queen Series Extravaganza, it's a celebration of womanhood, of sisterhood, of love and sharing, being held at the YWCA in New York City, I am quite humbled to be a part of this celebration! Truth be told, I am nervous and this is where I call on my friends and teachers like Shanell Cooper Sykes to remind myself that this is what I asked for, what I wanted and here we are so what you gonna do? 
My mum and aunt flew to NYC as well for this, while I love the support in my head it's pressure to be better than usual! So constant speaking to myself is the order of the day today!
It feels good to be a queen!


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