Forward home

Hey there don't you know, there's an isle with a style and a win that sings a calypso, and a soul calypso sun with a people with a passion forged from a fire
Two island in the fun, with a spirit that moves as it grooves just taking you higher
Here's a super island, call it T&T

Heading back to T&T today, it's been fun, its been lessons, its been love
I had the great privilege this time to have my family supporting me, even in Toronto, that was pure love!
I had a few days that I really had to dig deep and remind myself "Why Are You Here?" and I had a few wake up calls in between where I had expectations that were based on my own wants rather than the reality so it's now great to know what works, what does not work, who are friends and who are just people you know and like (if that makes any sense!)

be still.observe.indentify.accept.eliminate - lesson on this tour and what I will be taking with me as of today

So thank you for joining me on the tour and see you on the other side


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