What's in your happy toolbox?

I have a Happy toolbox. It is filled with things that I can go to at a moments notice to get me back to my Happy place. Know what makes you Happy. Know what can get the sunshine back in your day. When the storm clouds of Life come you don't have to sit there and get wet. Run to your toolbox! Mine is covered in glittery sparkles and is filled with music I feel in my soul, a barefoot walk outside and Rocky Road ice cream. What's in yours? Robin Riley David

Changing my thoughts are simple and easy - this is an affirmation I use on a daily basis. Why? to remind and programme myself to remember that they are my thoughts and some of them are not always for my highest good and need to be entertained. So when I see the crappy ones appear I say hey there, I know you would like to come in but sorry, walk on by! Some of them I just yell stop!
And then I started reading some of Robin Riley's work and discovered her Happy toolbox theory. So what's in mine? David Rudder's ultimate playlist, I put that baby on and sing as loudly as possible, 3Canal, George Benson, Jill Scott and Mary J Blige gets a play as well. Arsenal football club, the Invincible season highlights, Thierry Henry and the team in full flight! Rivaldo's hatrick against Valencia is also in the box.
A list of books that is just too long to write out and a drive to the water!
What would you put in yours?


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