Rest is a four letter word

 Being busy is an addiction and it can be as challenging to stop as other addictions such as alcohol, shopping, or working because it is a way to escape or numb yourself. But, unlike other addictions, Western society puts a high value on being busy. We are conditioned to believe that being busy equates to being good, worthy, and successful. Dr Christianne Northrup

I am never busy I am sometimes occupied. One of my teachers on the journey shared this with me, at the time I rolled my eyes and said " you are strange" but what she was telling me, after breaking it down was a couple of things, one, do not estimate your self worth by how many things you have to DO! two, do not use busy as a reason or even an excuse to neglect the important things in life such as your friends and family and most importantly yourself (health and rest) and three question what your folks told you growing up that if you were not "busy" doing something you are a lazy sloth!

The main cure for my arm - rest! And I suspected that from the off but somehow I needed validation! No boxing, no skipping, no cutting up veggies, just rest the thing!
Rest is productive

I can still type though!


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