Honor your process with Patience

The greatest challenge to the development of patience is being able to wait for the tangible evidence that your efforts are paying off. We have a fixed idea of what we want and what it will look like when it shows up. We hold that idea so firmly that often we are unable to detect the very thing we want has actually arrived Iyana Vanzant

Patience requires faith and faith requires trust. Without patience, we worry, we complain, and sometimes we give up.
Growing up my mother told me on so many occasions, that I had no patience. I always wanted what I wanted and wanted it right away, I wanted it now, and if I didn't get it, all hell would break loose. As I began growing up I realized quickly that not everyone responded the way my mother did so I figured I had better give this patience thing a further look. And that I have been doing and I must say that it has changed my outlook on things a whole lot, there is a lot less stress in my life. The ultimate test is standing in a line on a Friday evening at the bank when the pensioners come to collect their money! I can now smile and them and have a little chit chat
But I have learnt that patience is also about knowing that you have done your best, and that what will be in the test you already know! It's how you wait

And I needed a reminder these last couple of weeks, a reminder in patience, a reminder in trust and faith because I felt it coming on strong, wanting what I want right now! I want my arm to heal right now, I want to achieve the goals that I have been working towards right now, right now right now right now has been the new mantra just bringing about additional stress! And this is my lesson which I want to share
Patience is knowing that your efforts are paying off even though there is no tangible evidence right now to support that belief - this is where the faith and trust comes in
Patience is not only about waiting
Patience is a process of truth
Patience is knowing that the Universe has a plan that will manifest itself when it is supposed to and no amount of fussing will change that


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