It Pours Out of You

"Every gift I give is always a gift to myself. I never lose! I gain, and so does the recipient of my gift, especially if he or she learns from me to give again. "Who understands what giving means must laugh at the idea of sacrifice" (6:2).  A Course In Miracles

It Pours Out of You

Affirmation: We are all family and the planet is our home

Journal Entry 160: I now drive myself to and from work every day; it’s a twenty minute drive with no “jam.” I’ve noticed as soon as I start packing up to get ready to leave the car is surrounded by women looking for a ride! A few times I have been in the car with them who speak not a lick of English. Those rides show me that we can communicate without words!
Then there are the story tellers who sit in the car and talk and talk and I listen and listen! I’ve started looking forward to being a taxi driver! Yesterday one of the ladies said to me “Madam, your journey here is authentic and unique, compare it to anyone you must not, you are prepared for your journey, do you know that we all are? What you people do is want to show up with everything ready down to the last detail but that is not what is required for life.”
Being a taxi driver has its benefits!

Excerpt from Nyabo (Madam) - Why Are You Here?



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