Do not go along, to get along

Live from the space of authenticity, not pretense. Do not go along, to get along. Flex your independence. Autonomy is a good thing. Maxie McCoy

At a meeting on Saturday one of the participants said to me "why don't you push yourself up and speak more, you have so much more to offer" I listened to him go on and on about how I am devaluing myself by not speaking out.

I listened to him and responded "I don't have anything to prove to anyone and that is not why I am here, this is not my show"

"So why are you here?"

It seems to be the question that  quite a few people ask me that said question.

A Course of Miracles says, the ego establishes relationships only to get something
To the ego, the mind is private, and only the body can be shared
And so, on this journey I have embraced the concept that the relationships that I establish to "get something" are based on my ego and the ones which have been established to share, learn, grow, have fun are the ones which really contribute to my joy and happiness. Hoarding information and that feeling of superiority is a sign of fear, of the ego screaming to you to hold on to what you have before someone takes it away and have an advantage over you! 
Life becomes less stressful when you know in your heart that you are doing your best, that you have nothing to prove to anyone and what is yours is yours no matter what!



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