Release the subconscious crap

Call it whatever you want but more importantly: explore it. understand it. release it...the subconscious crap you're holding on to that's showing up as physical pain.

What you think matters. It's energy. Thoughts and beliefs, while not seen, are pumped with energy. So too are our bodies. And our pain. It's all cosmically connected. From the inside out. Maxie McCoy

Your beliefs shape you and your thinking (although sometimes it is good to question some of those beliefs, anyway I digress) So I believe that life always speaks to me and when I am not listening it does things to get my attention, I believe that my intuition speaks to me in stillness and pain is a wake up call to pay attention inward now.

So I needed to pay attention apparently,
Going along my usual Sunday business, I run on a Sunday morning, I decided to go to the beach and run. The scene was straight out of a movie, no one on the beach, the sun coming up, and I am happy. And then I fell, and the pain was intense! No one around I was on the ground thinking, what is this one about?? I managed to pull myself up and realized I  couldn't move my arm without screaming! It started swelling, I thought ok I heard salt water cures it all, let me get into the water, got out the water and not even sure how I got home, and my mother was there! Halleluyer! So she sees my arm and says oh dear, it's really swollen, we go to the pharmacy and speak to the pharmacist get the medication and head back home, that pain was definitely a wake up call.

My thoughts at the time of the fall were heavy, I was not in the present moment, looking ahead with dread and boom! Brought back to reality in a way I had to pay attention. What is inside your heart and mind manifests itself in your outer world, I strongly believe that, pay attention, be in the moment, choose another thought.

Believe it or not, your body has nothing but unconditional love for you. The proof? without any effort on your part your heart is beating, your lungs are breathing and the rhythm of your life is graciously following through every second of every day unconditionally.
On the road to healing in partnership with this amazing body that all of us were blessed with



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