Are You Chasing Illusions?

what was never true is not true now, and never will be ACIM

Don't you love it how we can justify anything we want to, even when we know in our gut that it does not serve us, when we know it is pure BS?
We can make up a great rationale, a great story on what we want to believe even when the truth is staring us in our face. Just because we want it to be how we want it to be. 
We can take the facts and twist it or leave out some details to make it "true" for ourselves but the truth is the truth whether we want to believe it or not

What's your rationale?
" I am not good enough"
"He/she is getting a divorce"
"I suffer with migraines so I cannot do _____"
"I have no time to exercise"
"I am too lazy to cook"
"It's not the right time"
"What is to be will be"

And I can go on and on and on

But what was never true then in not true now so what's it going to be?
The truth will definitely set you free
To get it to where you want it to be the first step is accepting the truth, accepting what is in front of you as it IS! Accepting it does not mean that you like it, it does not mean resignation that it is what is is and will forever be like that
Accepting it is the acknowledgement that this is where I am and really taking the responsibility and the power to do something about it
When there is no acceptance and recognition of the truth there is no way you can move forward and heal, change, take responsibility
Because really, you are chasing illusions any other way
Catch that!





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