Love is Freedom

 Love is freedom. To look for it by placing yourself in bondage is to separate yourself from it.ACIM

How many times do we place ourselves in bondage in the name of love?
The first time I read that I was in the" bathroom temple" I call it that because many of my life changes and ideas happen either the shower or on the throne, for some reason. I started crying. I literally put the book down and wept. Such a simple but profound line
To look for love by placing yourself in bondage is to separate from it!
I decided right there and then that I had to make some wholesale changes. 
Placing myself in bondage in the name of love was over, no more, caput! I made a conscious decision to ask myself is this freedom or is this bondage
Sometimes I slip, I find myself in situations where I place myself in bondage, then I get still and ask myself the question: Are You placing yourself in bondage in the name of Love?
Placing myself in disrespectful situations
Lying and betraying my own self
Placing myself with people who lie to not just me but themselves
Placing myself in jobs I detest
Placing myself in a people pleasing situation
Placing myself in bondage in the name of love is not love
Love is freedom. it lifts you, it encourages you, it makes you tell the truth,it allows you to release and as you release, so you are released

You see the world you value





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