Cut and Clear

 So much of a person’s results in life are determined by his or her perceptions about themselves and the world around them. Unless you have mastered life and all your possibilities, there’s an excellent chance some of your long-held perceptions are wrong Jerry Gilles

Everyday I get a reminder about letting go of perceptions and attachments
Attachments in this case, can be people, places, and ways of doing things that no longer serve the growth, development and peaceful consciousness that I aim to have and the person that I want to be or even the person that I am

I ask myself: Does this serve my life in a positive way? How would my life be different if I let go of this?

And if I remain unconscious my life has a way of showing me that attention is required
Things start happening which once I ignore blows up in my face!

Have a mental inventory

What are some of the things that I am holding on to that I do not use- in my house, in my apartment, in my life, where I live, the people around me, my job
Make a list
What have you not used in a year in your closet?
What people are in your life that are negative and condescending?
And decide

Make way for the new,
Cut and Clear


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