Free Will is a Gift

Free will is a Universal Law! Humans have been given free will to experience, to create and to grow gaining wisdom through their creations regardless if they are constructive or destructive. Sabrina Reber

Free will is the ability to make choices and having full responsibility for one's actions (Responsibility - the ability to respond) 
Yes we all know that things happen, circumstances occur which we had absolutely nothing to do with. How do you respond? What choices do you make in this instant?
Acting from a place of fear and ego is a choice whether conscious or unconscious, what happens when we act from a place of fear and ego? Our lives show us the result. We see it though a lack of peace and contentment when the decision is made, cause and effect is a law, we may get ill, we may attract certain types of people to us. All of this is an attempt by the Universe to say - pay attention, just one more time. Are you using your free will to enhance your self and the world around you?

Any one or probably organisation that prevents you from using your free will, pay attention. Free will is one of the gifts to humans alone from the Universe
Attempting to prevent you from using your free will is a type and form of control, now I am not referring to breaking the laws, but we all know there are organisations and groups that justify us not making decisions based on an open mind and looking at the facts but on past beliefs and staying in a tribe, separation and fear

What do you use your free will for?


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