Join in the Enoughness

Abundance is the foundation of "reality"
Reality with its inherent overflowing always has more than enough to give
There is a more than enough for our need but never enough for our greed" Richard Roer

Did you wake up this morning with the feeling that you did not get 'enough" sleep?
Then proceeded to get ready for your day with the feeling that there is "not enough" time to do all the the things on your to do list
Then the day began with "not enough" money to do or buy something?
That is how the feeling of lack starts, continues and persists
waking up daily with the feeling and belief that there is never enough.
How can you alter that mindset?  By being grateful, by knowing that there is enough

As soon as the thought enters my head especially when I wake up I reboot and say thank you for this new day, let's see what I can do with the 24 hours that I now have. 24 whole hours - how can that not be enough time?
Practice it, it becomes a habit

The feeling of lack and not -enoughness can run into every aspect of your life - it is like a wildfire if not tamed
Hoarding - not enoughness
Procrastination - Not enoughness
Busyness - Not enoughness
Waiting for the money to do it- Not enoughness

I have learnt that there is enough to go around, it all depends on our core beliefs and our habits.
If you have anything, you have something- start there and give thanks


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