No Love is Wasted

The things that can’t be taken from you: faith, hope, love. And that’s when fear disappears. (Down at Rock Bottom)  no love is wasted. - Glennon Doyle Mellon

Chatting with a friend yesterday, we  have know each other for just over a year. My friend asked me how was I doing today? I responded  that I was raising the vibes and making the best out the good out here on this good  Earth,
my friend thought was a a strange response "Isn't that a strange response for someone who's life is always perfect?"
"Perfect?, where did you get that idea?"
My friend rattled off that I seemed to have in my possession all the things that make life perfect
"Things you say?"
"All external and perception my dear"
I heard clothes, car, and other material possessions

Perfection to me is not about the things I own, it really is about how I show up every day in the world, and how I feel about myself so I can pass on all those good feelings and make a positive contribution to this place
I have my challenges, every single day, and I take all of them as lessons on the journey, some days I wish for no lessons LOL
My doubts, My fears but I am not wearing it on my sleeve and what does it say about you as well, that only the things you see deem my life perfect? Are only things important to you?

I thought about this for a while, in between the place where am I being real or not? I came to the conclusion that people see the world how they want to see it from their lens. I keep in mind who I am and why I am here, always growing, always learning, always sharing, always real
That is my idea of perfection
Not the things that I own


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