Truth Telling

If you aren’t secure enough in your own truth, then you might need to tear others down. If you aren’t secure enough in your own truth, you might need to go around to all your other friends and sully the image of those you feel threatened by. If you aren’t secure enough in your own truth, you might choose to be silent while the sullying happens. If you aren’t the one doing the active hurting, it might be easy to tell yourself that you aren’t involved. But you are - Life After Tampons

Watch your words, and your actions. They tell a story 
They are also guides as to where you are on the journey
Are you complaining often? Watch that- before it turns into bitterness and resentment
Complaining is praying to the devil according to the late great Bob Marley
Are you whining and blaming?  Watch that - before it turns into giving away your power
We can misuse and abuse our power, our innate power to live and thrive
Be mindful of how you are using it

When I find myself complaining more than usual I know I am giving up my power and my responsibility to make the required changes, I am outsourcing my own happiness
Now some times it is a fact that things are shitty and could be better, and it is quite normal and understandable to tell others about it, How you say it and the intention makes the difference
One can express, for example, that the food is cold or the service is not very awesome without being an A-hole or turn it into some kind of personal drama
What is the intention, what are the words used, and the actions behind it?
Once I see I am heading down that road I know- take a time out, this ain't about them!

How do you tell your truth?




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