What Comes After the Thought?

Living in your head prevents you from the full experience of your environment. It keeps you from opening your heart. It gets in the way of you inhabiting the fullness of your relationships. 

Thinking about feeling is not the same as feeling.

Thinking about loving is not the same as loving.

Thinking about doing is not the same as doing.

Thinking about expressing yourself is not the same as self expression.
Thinking creates a barrier between you and your experience. 

While thinking is a necessary part of this life. Experiencing IS life itself. 
Drop down into your body and feel.

Breathe into every single moment.

Pause to take in the scene.

Relish in play. Delight in laughter. Feel your way through.

 Stacey Herera

I'm thinking about it.
How many times have you heard or perhaps said that when asked about when or what are you going to do?
Thinking is important and it is indeed the first step to creation
most importantly- the first step. and only a step
it goes beyond only thinking about it, there is the and rather than the but
What are you thinking about and what is stopping you from moving beyond the thought?


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