What Thoughts Do I Dwell In?

What thoughts do I dwell in? I have endless possibilities in which to wander and wonder in life. Caroline Myss

The post below is from Caroline Myss's Wid-Bit series,it touched and resonated with me on a deep level and so I wanted to share it today......

I could spend time in inspirational thoughts, letting myself get swept into the lightness of a psalm, “God’s blessings are everywhere”. I could embrace the deep truth that, “I have everything I need.” I may not have all that I want but how much do I want? 
And why do I want things? I’m not sure I’ve reflected upon that question long and hard.

 I wonder what I would discover about myself. I could wander into the rare air of truth – that life is but a very brief journey. 
Do I invest this precious gift of my life regretting my past or treating each day as a new surprise? 
Anything can happen. I could dwell in faith: I am blessed.
 Many times, I am not sure what that means but how much do I need to have to realize my blessings? 
Maybe I was protected today from my own foolishness or saved from an accident? I often wander into thoughts that diminish my energy. I wonder what will happen if. If what? 
And then I make things up. I imagine a dark world taking over my life but the truth is I do not live in that dark world. 
Why do I then imagine that I might? Those are only dark thoughts and fears. I do not have to wander into those treacherous thought forms that become inner reptiles.

They create an imagined world. I could just as easily choose to dwell in thoughts that radiate tranquility, hope, and blessings. 
“Lord, you have given me the ability – the power – to create the inner space in which I dwell. My mind seems to prefer the fearful side of life, full of despair and wounds. 
But my soul craves the light. Light, blessings, faith, hope are the natural dwelling place of the soul. No wonder we seem to constantly struggle with ourselves. 
I recognize that it’s easier to get to the world in which my mind dwells. 
I can touch that world. I can hear it and smell its fragrances. It’s fears often do not seem imagined. But I have also experienced the power my soul has to quiet those fears in a second; to reduce the problems of my physical life to nothing more than a temporary breeze. 
That is Your grace flooding into my soul. 
That is the power that can evaporate an illness and resurrect a meaningless life. 
Grant me the grace to find my way back to my soul again and again. 



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