Without Feelings You Run From You

Without feeling, life becomes: • a succession of escaping yourself — using the outside world to escape the inside world • falling victim to thoughts and emotions, which are only past memories stuck in brain and nerve cells • chasing concepts of peace, love and happiness rather than going through pain to reach emotional freedom, i.e. emotional freedom is peace, love and happiness – these experiences aren't dependent on protests, relationships or success • getting involved in emotional dependent relationships — using your partner to take responsibility for YOUR feelings - Feeling is the difference between emotional pain and emotional freedom Kyle Jones

I am doing an experiment, I am feeling all my feelings, and why is it an experiment? Because I would usually either run or stifle it, or focus on what the "problem" is and look at how to fix it. Well to be quite honest there has been some discomfort
Small things
Let me give you an example, I went to see a spoken word show on Sunday night, it was billed as the best in the country, at the premiere spot. One of the contestants forgot her lines, she was frozen on one spot, trembeling and shaking, In pulled out my phone and started texting, looking at Facebook and Instagram feeling super uncomfortable, then I realised, I cannot face this situation, I refuse to!
Default to experiment, feel the discomfort!
I put the phone away and looked at her, I looked directly at her and the feeling passed, what replaced it was a feeling of empathy and admiration - she would not quit, she stood there soldiering through the lines, hands clasped
then I felt proud, the angry because he people in the row before me was shooing her off the stage
Simple Lesson- feel the feelings, sit in the discomfort, and see where it takes you
She left the stage and I couldn't help but feel so proud of her efforts and bold in my knowledge that if I mess up I am not the only one, to soldier on and feel all the feelings


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