Where would you have me go?
What would you have me do?
What would you have me say?
And to whom?
–A Course in Miracles

Families and Intimate relationships are the biggest containers for growth. They provide you with the tests and lessons which you are not able to get anywhere else.

Your family, they know you inside out
you want to be supportive and love them hard but they get on your last nerve sometimes right? Especially if they are "not listening" living their lives differently to their "potential" and not trusting you to do what you do best. Most times we want validation , want to feel needed and loved and in your own way!

When does living our own lives and demonstrating by our choices a choice, or accepting and loving them the way they are an option?
When is taking responsibility for our own lives and staying in our own lane an option?
When is walking away and praying an option?
When is acceptance of what is an option?
When is pray and faith an option?
When is compassion an option?
I have been asking myself these questions over the past couple of weeks in my own family
Looking for the lesson in the situation
I have not come up with the answers yet but this I know for sure
there are some things I cannot fix, cannot change and cannot make better 
and looking for and paying attention to the lesson

Tuning into the channel 


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